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  • How do I subscribe / become a member?

On the main page click on the second button on the menu that says Subscribe or click here

  • How do I cancel automatic payments?

Once you are logged in you may unsubscribe your PayPal automatic payments on the same page you subscribed clicking on the Unsubscribe button.

  • Will my subscription renew itself?

If you don’t unsubscribe and you have a monthly plan you will get charged automatically giving you the freedom of having your membership renewed automatically.

  • I didn’t realize I had to unsubscribe to not get charged, can I get a refund for the new month paid that I don’t want?

Usually we do not give refunds, but since you have been already a member and this is for a renewal: If you haven’t used the service on that new month subscription we will refund you if you send us an email and explain. But if we see you have been logging in for days and used the service you will be discounted the days used and only refunded part of the payment, this is decided by the attendant who serves you in Miami TV.

  • I subscribed and didn’t get what I expected, can I get a refund?

We have a NO refund policy since it gives you access to hundreds of videos to download, it will be un logical to allow you to download videos and then return the money. Therefore, No.

  • Can I have a trial to see if want to become a member?

We have the option of a One month subscription for this. No trials given.

  • I dont have a debit or credit card, is there another option for payment?

At the moment this is the only option. The other option would be sending us an email and depending where you live we can do a money order.


  • I have a great TV Show, how can I get it on Miami TV?

We do not Buy programming. If you want your show aired in any of our channels or services costs are split in co production if any sponsors are to appear for your show. Simply send us a brief description of your show, or idea and a memo. Our programming directors will decide if your show fits the rules of Miami TV.

  • I have a great Video Clip, can you show it on Miami TV?

You may upload any videos you want featured on our programming. Send us an email with the video attached via FTP in HD and a video release form that you give us the right to air your material.

Adding Miami TV Screen

  • Can I add Miami TV Screen to my website?

Our signal is free to get picked up in cable, satellite and even on websites so yes.
If you can’t manage to get it simple email us and ask us for the html code to install it on your website, chose from Silverlight or Windows Media.

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